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Describing the advantages of free no-deposit casinos

In tough conditions for many businesses of our planet due to COVID pandemics, the necessity to attract clients jumps to number-one position. One of the very effective attraction methods has been & still remains giving no-deposit bonuses to new players. In this article, we are reviewing everything about no-deposit bonuses for the gamblers in South Africa.

no deposit bonus

How to use bonuses in no-deposit casinos in South Africa?

A no-deposit is a bonus that is given to gamblers for mere registration – nothing else is required from them. After the registration of a new player, a personal profile is created, which shows, how many bonuses are currently available to punters. When bonuses not requesting depositing are given, they’re usually humbler than those granted by the administrations of such recreational facilities for depositing money. Usually, gamblers can count on 100-1,000 rands of a welcome money-free bonus. 

After receiving it, you should start playing by betting this money – what’s going to be won from this money will be left on your account, so try your luck & take your chances. 

What are the types of no deposit bonuses for South African players?

Below, we are looking at the widespread types of giveaways that online gambling facilities offer to new & existing players. No-deposit bonuses, which you gain from an online casino, will significantly increase the leverage for your bets, which, in their turn, can bring you nice winnings. Not to say it is impossible to win large, even hit the jackpot with that money but as far as we know, nobody ever in history hit the jackpot with only no-deposit money (so you’ll have to replenish your account first). 

Free signup bonus in South African casinos (a.k.a. regular no deposit bonus)

There are such types of no-deposit bonuses offered by online gambling facilities:

free signup bonus no deposit casino south africa
  • for the registration (because you show your interest in playing in this particular casino & give some of your personal and, maybe, financial data during the registration)
  • for bringing a friend. This has a name – referral registration. When someone uses a special link called ‘referral’ received from you, to register in the casino you’re playing, you both get some bonus dough or free spins as a sincere present from the gambling facility
  • for moving through levels of the casino. After you promote your profile to each next level in the casino’s internal leveling system, you open better possibilities, which are usually connected to bets, depositing, withdrawals & better types of bonuses. 

For existing players, more offers are available that also do not require to bring money to their gambling account. These are:

  • periodic cashback (of sums of money that were lost during the previous booking period) – as a motivation to stay longer with this casino.
  • gambling addiction control systems. Those casinos that really care have those systems on guard for the financial safety of gamblers. As online & offline gambling is addictive (and everybody knows that), there exist numerous systems all over the world to help such people with addiction to stop wasting their money or, at least, significantly restrict it. Far not every casino wants to limit the inflow of money to its wide pockets by having any such system implemented. And we’re here not to blame. But if the casino has one, then it can be characterized as surprisingly caring for people using it.
  • participation in nice periodic events like tournaments or lotteries. So, everyone buying a ticket or doing another stipulated action can win large. We mean, really large – millions of rands. 

Win real money with free spins in South Africa

Not only money is the present but also online casino free spins or time-limited opportunity to spin the reels not actually betting anything. Such two deliver you an opportunity to win, from small to large, because you will be spinning reels without spending your money on betting (given that there is some betting value on the stake). Anything you win from this is yours & you can withdraw it (following the terms of wagering, if any is attached).

Usually, the casino says rigidly, which slots you are to use for free spins. If you don’t listen to this & will make bets elsewhere, all your free spins will be erased. Don’t want that? Well, stick to conditions. 

No deposit bonus casino for bringing a friend

gambling online free money

Having friends is always fun. But when it comes to making them register in your casino on your referral link, it makes not only fun but also money. Not every casino out there offers such an opportunity but if it is, then not using it would be silly (why refusing money flowing right into your hands?).

The sum is not big, is usually smeared through time & depends on extra conditions. However, if you discover a really great casino’s offer of payment for bringing friends, you can actually establish financial flows to your balance steady with time if the casino is going to pay you through the entire time of activity of a brought player by your referral link. For instance, you can be paid for deposits of this person to the casino as a share of all deposited money. Also, you can be paid for monthly losses (instead of deposits) of such a person. 

There may be a several-layer rewarding system – for instance, if your referred guy will bring another guy on his referral link you can receive bonuses for this third guy as well. They will not be as big as for the first guy but still, some extra percentage of gain won’t be superfluous. 

How to claim the bonus?

Claiming the bonus is often a question for players. They ask, like, “I’ve registered already but no bonus came to my account. How come?”

Well, it depends on the casino. The options you can claim your reward if it is not given to you automatically are as follows:

  • Entering one of the special promo no deposit bonus codes. It is located on a promo page that the casino has. Or it is a part of your personal page. Look for it in the ‘Cashier’ or close to it.
  • Sometimes, there is a list of promotion codes available at the same time. If you can’t have them all at once, then pick something that suits you the most.
  • If there is no such a thing as a promo code offered to gamblers to win instant cash, then there must be another way of interacting with the casino: it may require gamblers to write to the support service to directly ask for the bonus. This looks pretty outdated & inconvenient but it is the choice of the casino’s administration, so the gambling house is not to blame if it still provides you nice giveaways. 

Mind that bonuses are usually strictly time-limited, both given as money to make bets & as free spins. If you do not use them as described, they will go away from your balance & will not be available anymore.

The procedure of withdrawal of winnings

no deposit casino

When it comes to withdrawing your money, then bonus money isn’t capable of being withdrawn right away – read about wagering requirements in the next section of this article to find out, why.

Taking your money off the balance of the casino is possible on a number of channels, which typically include bank cards, online wallets, cryptocurrency & sometimes, SMS. There are other channels like withdrawing on a bank account directly or by means of a cheque exist, however, these may not be available in every online gambling facility & they are very country-specific, usually not for gamblers from South Africa.

Whilst you can’t receive bonus money & immediately take it out as the casino is not a Maecenas, you can usually withdraw money that comes from winnings of your money previously deposited without wager (this is possible if you don’t take a bonus but that cuts down your gaming leverage). If you’ve reached the minimal amount of withdrawal, simply go to the ‘Cashier’ page, section ‘withdrawal’ & create a new request for it. Depending on the channel’s speed & the casino’s demand for you to pass the identification, you will have your money within minutes-hours-days. If you are a user of a mobile platform & your casino allows this operation, then you can also have your money by means of SMS – to replenish your mobile account. 

Wagering requirements

Wagering is what prevents players from the immediate withdrawal of bonus money. If you have a bonus & opt for the withdrawal right away, as you get it, then this bonus money will be written-off of your account but will never come to your off-casino account, card or wallet. That’s done because this is not the real money until the wagering requirements are met.

The wager is telling you how many times you have to bet this bonus money, sometimes telling you also what specific games you shall play or their type. Thus, the number of bets is indicated as a multiplier looking like “x50”. So, if you receive 100 rands as a bonus, then you will have to bet 100*50=5,000 rands. Wagers usually exist from x2 to x100. That, however, is not a dramatic thing because it is usually nicely & smoothly done in slots thanks to their high RTP (most modern slots deliver over 90% of the return of bets to players). Eventually, even from the mathematical side of the issue, you have great chances to have some bonus money left from your bonus after wagering requirements are fulfilled & you can withdraw it to your bank card or e-wallet.

Bear in mind that some casinos may open a possibility to withdraw this bonus money leftovers only as you deposit some initial amount of real money. And there may be limits established to withdraw not less than some amount, so consider becoming acquainted with the casino’s Terms & Conditions beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it to gamble in free no deposit casinos?

free spins casino no deposit south africa

It is safe if you will have picked one of the online casinos that are recommended by us. If you have found a gambling house but you don’t find any information about it on our website, then you shall use Google to search for information on other websites. If you desire to find a really trustful gambling facility, then you shall not pay attention to commercial texts written for the sake of attraction of visitors but pay attention to pieces of feedback of people, real gamblers, who already have had experience with this casino & can tell. Shan’t be said that if you see negative feedback about this entertainment house, then do not start playing it.

Is it possible to turn a free no-deposit bonus SA into real money?

Yes, that’s what attracts most people who wish to receive such a bonus. That does not come as granted, though, as you can’t simply take the bonus money & withdraw it right away. As the money is given to stimulate your playing activity on this or that gambling house, then you can use it initially only to make bets & it is credited to the ‘bonus’ account, not the main one, which will be replenished as you deposit real money. 

The bonus money is subject to wagering & we’ve described the principle & calculation of it above in the article. 

What games are allowed to play having a no-deposit bonus?

Usually, those, which are required by the wager. Some websites may not require specific games but just set up coefficients of bets done in certain games. Thus, for instance, the coefficient of a bet in a slot can be 100%, whilst the same amount bet in roulette or craps can be counted as 5% or even 0%. To find out more about coefficients, carefully read the Terms & Conditions of your gambling establishment. 

How do I find the best no-deposit bonuses?

On our website, there are lists of reliable recreational facilities, which are highly recommended. Picking one of them, you will find no-deposit bonuses there.